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I am a Western New York native who loves to find adventure in my work and every day life.


With a Bachelor's in advertising and marketing communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology, my expertise centers around creating a fresh and appropriate image for clients, no matter what form of content I'm delivering. With experience in TV and video production, as well as copywriting and event planning, I enjoy producing a high quality product, throughout a number of mediums.


Since graduating college, I've held freelance and full time positions as Producer, Videographer/Photographer, Editor, Copywriter, Press Coordinator, Event Planner, Stylist/Wardrobe, and Story Board Artist.

My current focus is freelance video production, working independently as a producer and DP, as well as working as part of crews for local productions. I also offer wedding photography and videography,

COVID forced the closure of my former startup We Must Dash Adventure Travel I owned and operated with my husband since 2017. We guided groups of travelers in countries all over the world. The travel and hospitality industry is still near and dear to my heart and am thrilled when I can find outlets to get involved again. 


I grew up in Wheatfield, just south of Niagara Falls, NY. I had an amazing childhood filled with lots of imagination and outdoor adventures. I was also reigning Miss Wheatfield 2007.


I once had such a crazy experience with a pen pal that the program at my middle school was adjusted so students could only write to members of the same sex. Ask me about it over a beer.


In college, I was an intern at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. On my first day, I was very over dressed and ended up emptying 50+ boxes of cocoa pebbles into a bin to break the world record for biggest bowl of cereal.


I once spent 32 hours on a bus traveling from Hue to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Thanks to traffic, we went far beyond the estimated 20 hours. We spent most of the trip passing in the left hand lane, barely avoiding oncoming traffic. 


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